9th June 2012

9th June 2012

Its ok, we ordered the Coke Zero!


062B. Win a championship with the Bobcats on NBA2K11 in franchise mode

Ok so Madden is seeming a bit too easy, even after adjusting the difficulty. So I’m going to take on an impossible challenge to see if the Bobcats can ever win ANYTHING.

Game 1
@ Mavericks
49-53 LOSE

Game 2
vs Pacers
56-45 LOSE 

Game 3
@ Bucks
104-99 WIN 

Game 4
@ Nets
46-37 WIN

Game 5
@ Pistons
48-37 WIN

Game 6
vs Magic
46-55 LOSE 

Game 7
vs Spurs
52-57 LOSE

Game 8
@ Raptors
99-100 WIN

Game 9
@ Wizards
60-54 LOSE 

Game 10
vs Jazz
38-56 LOSE 

Game 11
vs Timberwolves
49-39 WIN 

Game 12
@ Heat
61-45 LOSE

Game 13
vs Suns
106-80 WIN

Game 14
@ Knicks
107-95 LOSE

Game 15
vs Knicks
90-100 LOSE 

Game 16
vs Rockets
84-94 LOSE 

Game 17
@ Bucks
89-99 WIN

Game 18
@ Hornets
59-49 LOSE 

8th June 2012

8th June 2012

Its Friday Night, date night, fr-i-day night!

033. Apply to be on a TV gameshow

Stole Paul’s idea and applied to be on The Million Pound Drop.

With this man

7th June 2012

7th June 2012

Stayed over Mum and Dad’s last night, me and Mol spent all night watching the NBA playoffs

6th June 2012

6th June 2012

Back to work after the Jubilee. Felt quite bust but will be nothing compared to October.

5th June 2012

Spent the day in bed after the weekend.
Played Playstation (working on 062.) and ate Ben and Jerry’s.

062. Win a championship with the Panthers on Madden in franchise mode

Pre Season
Week 1
vs New York Giants
0-42 WIN

Week 2
@ Miami Dolphins
28-20 WIN

Week 3
@ Cincinnati Bengals
14-1o WIN

Week 4
vs Pittsburgh Steelers
0-21 WIN

Regular Season
Week 1
@ Arizona Cardinals
56-3 WIN 

Week 2
vs Green Bay Packers
26-32 OT WIN

Week 3
vs Jacksonville Jaguars
7-19 WIN

Week 4
@ Chicago Bears
24-11 WIN 

Week 5
vs New Orleans Saints
0-24 WIN

Week 6
@ Atlanta Falcons
34-3 WIN 

Week 7
vs Washington Redskins
14-28 WIN

Week 8
vs Minnesota Vikings
7-21 WIN

Week 9
BYE week

Week 10
vs Tennessee Titans
35-14 WIN 

Week 11
@ Detroit Lions
10-28 WIN 

Week 12
@ Indianapolis Colts
17-35 WIN 

Week 13
@ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
17-24 WIN 

Week 14
vs Atlanta Falcons
16-13 WIN 

Week 15
@ Houston Texans
10-48 WIN 

Week 16
vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
28-34 LOSE

Week 17
@ New Orleans Saints
24-27 LOSE 

Post Season
Week 1
Bye Week

Week 2 – Divisional Round
vs Green Bay Packers
0-42 WIN 

Week 3 – Conference Championship
vs St Louis Rams
7-28 WIN 

Week 4 – Super Bowl
vs New England Patriots
14-28 WIN 

036. Try a new type of food

Two days ago while in Swansea I was with Big Ben, Nathan and Nathan’s friend Chris and we were trying to decide what to eat. Ben suggested a place in the Mumbles called Shiraz. Not only did the menu look interesting and reasonably priced but it was also a new style of cuisine, meaning I could cross of another 101. I was game.

It was a Lebanese and Persian restaurant.

I had 3 Sambose to start, 1 filed with Lamb, 1 with Vegetables and 1 with Cheese.
For mains we all shared the Grand which was:
2 x Koubideh
Dandah Kebab
Shish Tawouk
Chicken Kobideh

Our Main Course

Ben decided he wanted to be all local and have tea. In fact I think he even said ‘when in Rome’

All in all I really enjoyed most of the food. The chicken was a little bit meh but my god the lamb was amazing. I would definitely try Persian food again. Overall 8/10

4th June 2012

4th June 2012

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Rubbish artists singing badly for an outdated institution.