101 in 1001

Start Date 1st June 2012
End Date 27th February 2015

Done – 7
In Progress – 12
Not yet started – 82

The List

001. Run a marathon
002. Do a mini triathlon
003. Get another tattoo
004. Dunk on a 10ft rim
005. Organise my CDs/DVDs/Card collections – In Progress
006. Watch the Academy Award Best Film for each year since 1986 (except 2003 Lord of the Rings as it’s a sequel, choose one of the other nominees) [1/27] – In Progress
007. Go to 7 gigs [1/7] – In Progress
008. Own a something signed by Michael Jordan
009. Go to Haworth
010. Get at least 2 pay rises [0/2]
011. Watch a new film for each letter of the alphabet [2/26] – In Progress
012. Go to Ireland (either one)
013. Read 10 books that everyone should of read [0/10] – In Progess
014. Eat my height in sandwiches
015. Learn another language
016. Make at least £500 on eBay in 24hrs January-August  – Completed 04/07/12
017.  Watch the first series of 24 in 24
018. Get my photo taken with a celebrity who I really like
019. Invest £500 into something and try and turn a profit
020. Tidy and keep the bedroom tidy for 2 weeks straight
021. Try getting some TTM autos of basketball players
022. Give coke up for a week – Completed 25/06/12
023. Sell unwanted clothes on eBay and buy some wanted clothes
024. Learn to cook a 3 course meal and make it for Char
025. Go on holiday with Mark again
026. Go to South America, and thus every inhabited continent
027. Learn to juggle
028. Win an organised competition
029. Get some fish
030. Make a blog about this list   Done 01/06/12
031. Eat my 5 a day for two weeks
032. Score 20 points in an organised basketball game
033. Apply to be on a TV gameshow  Done 07/06/2012
034. Find something in a charity shop/at a car boot and flip it on eBay for a nice profit
035. Go away for the weekend, without prior planning
036. Try a new type of food, Thai/Vietnamese etc Done 02/06/2012
037. Go to a midnight screening of a film. Maybe Batman.
038. Do the Cola Challenge – Done 01/07/12
039. Take Jack out for the day, just me and him.
040. Go for food with Rachel
041. Do something with just Paul
042. Spend the day with mum and bake something
043. Go away with dad for the day to a place of significance according to his genealogy research
044. Go to Newquay
045. Go surfing down the Gower again
046. Go to London four times excluding for gigs or the Olympics [1/4] – In Progress
047. Treat myself to a new hat every 6 months for the length of this project, 5 total [0/5]
048. Project365 Starting June 1st – In Progress
049. Actually turn the ‘Love’ thing into a frame and put the picture from Philly in it
050. Go to the gym 3 times a week for at least 6 months
051. Do at least 5 tricks on a skateboard again [0/5]
052. Wake up at 7am for two weeks (week days only)
053. Make a steak pie and chips from scratch
054. Try a deep fried Mars bar
055. Make my currency world map
056. Transfer all important stuff from the old laptop and then wipe it and throw it
057. Do 100 push-ups – In Progress
058. Go paintballing
059. Go see a famous comedian
060. Learn the capital city for every UN recognised country
061. Read 5 biographies [0/5]
062. Win a championship with the Panthers on Madden in franchise mode – Completed 05/07/12*
063. See England play at Wembley
064. Have a Hennessy/Rap/Casino night with Mark
065. Own every Luol Deng RC, 41 total [11/41] – In Progress
066. Eat 3 animals I’ve never eaten before
067. Build a 3 storey house of cards
068. Watch short film July 17th 1996
069. Recreate a twitter account and actually give it a go
070. Grow a Haworthia plant
071. Try and break a world record, either individual or group
072. Organise my work expenses and get the money back
073. Sort out the stock room ready for Halloween – In Progress
074. Play lazertag
075. Go gokarting
076. Go to the dogs or the horses
077. Get inducted into the SCF Basketball Hall of Fame
078. Wake up at 6:30 and listen to Radio 1 from Chris Moyles until the end of Scott Mills
079. Get another qualification
080. Save £5 for every completed task, and donate £5 for every failed task – In Progress
081. Go to a quiz night as a family
082. Have my photo printed in the newspaper again
083. Complete a game
084. Be an extra in a film or tv show
085. Sort out my photographs
086. Actually put flyers into parcels to promote the website
087. Go to a photo booth 3 times [0/3]
088. Watch a trilogy in a weekend, probably Godfather
089. Read a newspaper everyday for a week
090. Gain muscle definition – In Progress
091. Go through a carwash
092. Do thirty keep-upies in a row
093. Get an iphone
094. Throw away all underwear and start again
095. Improve my credit score
096. Go to a theme/water park and ride every ride
097. Go snowboarding, this can be done in Milton Keynes
098. Take Char’s advice on 5 items of clothing that I wouldn’t normally buy
099. Actually finish watching The Sopranos
100. Arrange a meet up with Benx3, Mx2, Burn and Jago or atleast 4 of them
101. Get a customed pair on Nikes

*NB: Madden seems to be quite easy, even though I’ve increased the difficulty, so I’m also trying to win a Championship with the Bobcats


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